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Welcome to the Web Pages of Kokemaen Setala Family!

Kokemäen Setälät is a Family Association founded in 1945. It's home town is the city of Kokemäki and official language is Finnish. Association was founded on the 23rd of April in 1945. Registration of it took place on the 5th of April in 1946. The purpose of the association is to cherish the traditions of the family.

The family symbol is based on an old sign of the family (Z), which was used on documents. This coat of arms, with horns of an ox, was taken into use in the end of 1940's and it was drawn by an artist Germund Paaer.

The oldest known, propable ancestor of the Family, Heikki Sonni, was mentioned as a member of a jury of court held in Kokemäki on the 15th of March in 1455. The 1st certain ancestor, Mikko Sonni, was mentioned in the oldest book of Satakunta province in 1540, as the master of the Sonnila estate in Kokemäki. Family took the name of Setälä in the 17th century. According to the family rules, the member of the association must be a descendant of Mikko Sonni or spouse of such a member.

Anniversary of the Family is celebrated on the birthday of a notable family member, Emil Nestor Setälä (1864-1935), on the 27th of February. He was a linguist, professor of Finnish language and literature at Helsinki University, member of the parliament, helding also cabinet posts as minister of education (1925) and foreign minister (1926) and was acting also as head of state of Finland for a short time in November 1917.

Family celebrated it's 550th anniversary on the 11th of June in 2005, at the museum of Emil Cedercreutz in Harjavalta. At the same time Family assosiation was celebrating it's 60th anniversary.

A Family Toomb of Kokemäen Setälä family in Kokemäki

Relief of E.N. Setälä at the Emil Cedercreutz Museum

A statue of E.N. Setälä in Kokemäki

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